Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP it, WIP it good.

Thanks Danielle for the Post suggestion!

So I have been writing madly before the Australian school year begins, the aim is to get my WIP completely polished and done in a few weeks (my poor critique partner is going to have her hands full at our next meeting!)

As you may know, this WIP about a different side of my magical world - but keep your eyes peeled and you may see a familiar face!
The focus is in this book is on a magician Warlord, from the South East Asian country of Laos - and let me tell you, the hero, Warlord Cain Dath  is proving to be a complex guy to write!

So for this week's post I'm doing some character profiles. They're useful things, not only for the reader anxious to get a taste of the book, but for me to make sure I'm staying true to my characters despite the difficult circumstances they find themselves in!

Name: Warlord Cain Dath
Age: approximately 34 yo.
Home: North of Nam Khan River, the jungle, Laos.
Profession: Magician Warlord.
Personality: Quietly ruthless, determined.

 It took a second but rage exploded. The thinly veiled panic that had dogged him daily since Sabra had escaped erupted. “What?” Was all he could muster before he gripped Jürgen by the collar and dragged him closer. They were face to face. Cain could smell the scent of aufhocker oozing through the pores on Jürgen’s face. Canine, a bit human and a lot sour – the smell just made him furious. “Fuck you Jürgen! How could you?”
Jürgen struggled like a puppy in his grip, reluctant to fight but desperate to be free.
“It was an accident.” His German accent was guttural. “I was fighting with Maggie, and Sabra opened the door, I swung my claws to catch Maggie, but your woman stepped in my way.”
Sweat bubbled on Jürgen’s brow, the scent now rancid. Cain struggled not to tighten his grip on his neck and strangle the life from the damn aufhocker.
“I should kill you for this…” Cain hissed. “I’ve killed men for much, much less. You know it.”

Name: Sabra Westwood
Age: 23 yo.
Home: Rockingham, Western Australia
Profession: Payroll Clerk
Magical ability: Chameleon.. and something else.
Personality: Positive, quick to laugh, determined.

I suddenly became aware of the artistic sculpture of muscles beneath his snug shirt. I really wanted to have a holiday fling. No, actually if I want to be uncouth - I was gagging for a shag. It had been months since I’d been with a man, and I didn’t like it and nor did my body. My pulse began to race at the mere thought of touching the raw hard muscles that moved so enticingly beneath the white of his shirt. He must have read something in my eyes, and he smiled quickly, offering a flash of wolfish teeth. Something swooped inside me and I found myself barely able to suppress a gasp.
 Let it be said, I am not modest, but I’m not a beauty by any means, not in Australia and certainly not in Laos, where the girls all seemed pretty and petite. Yet the look in the man’s eyes was appreciative and dare I say it - bordering on desirous?  Perhaps he was just a gigolo? Did they have such things in Laos? They’d certainly had them in as we’d toured through Thailand. Then thought came unbidden, did I want to become another western notch in a cocky bar-boy’s belt – for a paltry hundred thousand kip? Yes actually, I rather liked the idea. The notion of handing over the equivalent of twenty Australian dollars to get my rocks off seemed like a better idea than returning to Perth single as well as sexually frustrated.

I really like Sabra. She's fun to write as you may gather from that excerpt :)
Now below are some images that I like to look at for motivation (manspiration images are excluded!)
Jungle in central Laos.

Nam Khan River   


chromatophore cells (colour changing cells)
Vientiane, Laos
 With that, enjoy!


  1. It all sounds awesome, and those little excerpts are so amazingly tantalizing. Also, the possibility of seeing someone in this book from one of your previous ones...that's exciting. I really can't wait to read this. And thanks for the post. :)

  2. No worries Danielle, it was good to put the character profiles together - clears my head of other stuff and gets me to focus on their personalities and consider how they'd react realistically in the situations I put them in. I love putting old characters in new stories, even if it's just a glimpse :)