About Me

What to say? ....

My name is Nicola E. Sheridan.

I'm an author.

I love it!

I write paranormal/fantasy romance.... yes, that's right. My books are are filled to the brim with magical and mythological creatures and romance... although not always in that order and because I know you're probably wondering, they're adult romance books, so there's romance and it's sometimes steamy!

I live in beautiful Western Australia.

I am a University qualified Archaeologist, Anthropologist and Teacher.

I like most things, travel,  music, film, books, art, 4x4ing, gardening, the list is possibly infinite.
I am a fully fledged member of the Romance Writers of Australia, and a proud partner in The Darkside Down Under, where I often blog.

Anyway, enjoy your visit to my blog.
I love feedback from readers and reviewers so feel free to contact me at:
nicolae.sheridan (at) gmail (dot) com
@NicolaESheridan - Twitter
Or on Facebook.

...And if you want to buy my books go HERE TO AMAZON or where-ever you buy your books.