Monday, June 6, 2011

"Mimosa Black" - come on all ye Harpies!

I am absolutely delighted to announce that my novella "Mimosa Black" has been sold to Eternal Press!
There's no release date set yet.

In a world where magical creatures are as rare as a spotty teen at a supermarket checkout, being one quarter Harpy shouldn’t be a problem.
Unfortunately for Mimosa Black – this is not the case. Combining her failed marriage, inability to fly, and unrequited crush on her childhood friend, Bo Elliot – Mimosa’s existence is less than idyllic.

Things however, are rarely as they seem. Bo has a secret and when Mimosa becomes involved with another man, his secret is revealed.  Yet in their darkest moments, where bad magic lurks, love is never far away and Mimosa and Bo do have a chance at happiness, if they're selfless enough to find it...

"Mimosa Black" - Eternal Press - Coming Soon...

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