Sunday, July 6, 2014

Manspiration VI - Black sails

Me and Manu Bennett @ SupaNova Perth 2014
It's been a while since I've enlightened readers to my current manspirations.

There are of course, my usual manspirations, my husband, Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Star Gate Atlantis, Road to Paloma), Manu Bennett (Spartacus, Arrow, Hobbit) etc, but recently I've been utterly enthralled by Starz latest show Black Sails. If you haven't watched it yet, go buy the dvds and settle down for a rollercoaster ride of action and excitement.
A year or two ago, I listened to an audio book detailing the history of pirates in the America's most notably, Edward Teach (Black Beard), Charles Vane, Calico Jack etc... which sent me into a pirate researching spasm. So when I saw that there was a show about them, I was VERY excited.

Perth Actor Toby Schmitz as Calico Jack

The show follows the tale of the fictitious 'Captain Flint', but intermixed in the fictional narrative are plenty of non-fiction real life historical figures, such as Charles Vane, Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham etc. I was also blown away to realise that the actor Toby Schmitz, who acts as Jack 'Calico Jack' Rackham, is from my home town, and I met him on several occasions in high school and university. Perth is a really small place... He does a great job portraying Calico Jack and I really hope his career takes off from this.

Zach McGowan as Charles Vane
Then there is Zach McGowan who acts as Charles Vane. Charles Vane was a very brutal pirate in the day, and McGowan's portrayal is fantastic... not to mention the rather spectactular abs... Though for realism, I think I'd like a little more chest hair... not that I'm complaining... no...

Then there is Toby Stephens - a tasty older morsel - who portrays the character of Captain James Flint. I'm always partial to a good older-gentleman hero (he's not really old, only 45 in fact).  Stephens portrays Flint as a cold, shrewd and brutal pirate, and as I've not finished the series, I'm yet to discover what he's completely about. I'm intrigued.

In short, what I like; the actors and actresses do a really great job in this series and the costumes are wonderful. The story line is interesting, and the action engaging and not *too* gory.
What I don't like so much is the shiny teeth on everyone. I'd like a few more bad teeth, and some body hair on the guys (you do get a glimpse at some pubic hair on women though.) Additionally, the sexual violence towards the prostitute Max was a bit much, and perhaps could have been toned down.

Toby Stephens as Captain Flint
All up, Black Sails is a thoroughly enjoyable sojourn into later part of The Golden Age of Piracy 1715 - 1730 (also known as the Post Spanish Succession period) and if you're in the market for little piratey manspiration then you need look no further.

Enjoy the rest of your day :)

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