Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Cat is an Arsehole - Case File 1

Today I'm starting a series of Case File fun of posts about cats.
 Though-out the series you will meet a number of romance Author's Cats, and find out why they're arsehole's too.


Breed: Lilac Point Siamese
Age: 6 years
1. Malicious vomiting.
He may look innocent, but this cat is anything but. If you thought 'The Exorcist' vomit scene was bad, you've not met this bad kitty. A thief of the top order, Algae will steal any morsel of food then promptly vomit it up. Malicious vomiting in inappropriate places is this cat's calling card. Vomit on car windscreen? You can safely assume you've been had by this master criminal. Vomit underneath the bed on white carpet? Undoubtedly you've been visited by this cat. Vomit inside the car because you accidently left your window open? Another favourite trick by this master of malice. Found your kitchen sponge mauled beside a puddle of vomit? You've been had by Algae.

Vomit on the car windscreen.
 2. Fighting under the pretense of playing.
Algae is a skilled ambush fighter. His companion cat, a rescued Himalayan has born the brunt of this particular criminal characteristic.

Caught in the act.
3. Hogging the TV.
    Watching Thunderbirds (OK so this is not a crime, but it should be).


Algae Potter

Disclaimer:  I love my cat. I really do. For all his faults, he's an awesome company and also lets me dress him up as Harry Potter - when no one else in my family will - that says something.


AND....  he also gives some of the best hugs a girl could ask for.