Monday, January 9, 2012

Teaser - WIP

As you will know, "Magical Redemption" is my WIP (work in progress) and the final in my "Magic Series". So I thought I'd give you a wee teaser and an update on progress.

Current Word Count: 60,000 words
Locations: Perth, Kuala Lumpur, London
Quote of the day: "How did a woman as good as you ever get stuck with a devil like me?"

Lucian let out a roar of fury and barrelled up to Farid, gripping his shirt collar in one massive hand - pulling the man onto his toes. “Don’t you dare speak about her like that.” He snarled, looking more feral and terrifying than Jinx had ever imagined he could. “She’s a better woman, Genie or not, than you’ll ever be a man.”

Hope you liked it!


  1. Awesome! I can't wait for this book to be finished and released!

  2. Thank you ladies! - Trying so hard to get as many words out before the working year begins!