Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Sneak Peak...

For those of you interested....here is an excerpt from "Magical Creations" the editing process for the October release is yet to begin, so this excerpt is seriously subject to change!

"Magical Creations" is a romance between Antigone (pronounced An-tig-uh-nee) and the troubled Omar who is Imran's brother from "Magical Gains". In Magical Creations, you get to see how both Imran and Omar became Genies, and get to meet some pretty cool mythological beings in the process. It was fun to write and I hope just as fun to read.


Omar turned to face her, his dark, impassive eyes absorbed every inch of her now rumpled jacket, moisture stained trousers and broken heel. His eyes narrowed and he walked towards her and loomed in front of her, larger than life. Involuntarily Antigone stumbled back and collided with the shop window behind her. Omar was an inch or so taller and his face was a masterpiece of masculine perfection. Antigone felt her cheeks redden at the sudden, unbidden thought. She realised dimly that instead of feeling shocked and horrified, Omar’s close proximity was turning her feelings to something much more pleasant. How is that possible? But the thought was cut short as he leaned forward. The pressure of him pushed a confused gasp from her lips, and her eyes widened.
“You look dishevelled,” he commented, his breath blowing gently against her hair. “Allow me to rectify the situation.”
Before Antigone had time to process his meaning, smooth, shimmering arms of red smoke wove themselves around her. They smelled warm, spicy and intoxicating. She closed her eyes for a brief moment and when she opened them again, Omar had moved away and she was standing alone leaning back on the shop window feeling a little dreamy. An annoyed flush of embarrassment threatened to bloom on her cheeks, but with substantial will power, she forced it down.
“What did you do?” she snapped, and stepped away from the window. Omar’s black eyes flashed as he observed her with interest. On the first foot step, Antigone realised that the heel on her sweet Jimmy Choo was mended, so she took a cursory glance at her jacket and trousers. She was as neat as a pin once again.
“How did you do that?” she asked incredulously.

Omar shrugged, “It’s a talent,” he smiled teasingly...