Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Manspiration - of the dark eyed variety

Let it be known that despite my gorgeous husband being blue eyed and slightly ginger (think Jamie Fraser of Outlander but only better looking...), I can certainly appreciate the dark eyed and handsome variety of manspiration, and frequently do.

Here are few of my current favourites: 

Santiago Cabrera - Musketeers
Timothy Olyphant - Justified
Luke Pasqualino - Musketeers
Elliot Knight - Sinbad

You may guess from the line-up above,  am a loving the BBC production of Musketeers. The stories are great, the acting is great, the scenery (mostly set in the Czech Republic) is magic, and the men... well, are simply delectable. It makes for great watching and I am looking forward to season three!

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