Friday, November 20, 2015

Once Upon A Time there was... Regina

I feel I have come late to the "Once Upon A Time" party, but sometimes you come late and the party is still rocking. I feel this is very much so with "Once Upon A Time".

As anyone who regularly frequents this blog can attest, I am a fan of all things mythical and magical and the TV series "Once Upon a Time," has me Hooked...every pun intended.


Yes, Hook is indeed one of the many delectable reasons to watch "Once Upon A Time," but he is by no means my main reason.

In fact one of the reasons I love this show so much is because of the Evil Witch, Regina Mills, magically portrayed by the actor Lana Parrilla.


I love the character of Regina, who is what I would call the series' 'anti-heroine'. She is bad ass, tough, determined and powerful. She's a lady that stands behind her word for better or worse - but even better than that, she's also a mother. Regina is the mother of her adopted son, and over the past few series I've loved watching her battle for motherhood rights with her son's biological mother - the more typical heroine of the series Emma Swan. Having said that Emma isn't your typical mother figure either, and again, nor is her mother Snow White - and this is what I love so much about the series. It's a lot about motherhood, the good, the bad and the ugly.

As a mother myself, I love watching mothers be portrayed in film and literature, but get tired of the dichotomous portrayal of either the sappy mother or the terrible mother. As a mother Regina is complex, she loves her son greatly, but her love for him doesn't diminish her ambition either, which is a take on motherhood not always depicted well in film.

I wouldn't recommend "Once" to everyone, there are cliches, there is some goofy one liners, there are plenty of improbabilities... by my oh my is it worth everyone.


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