Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Viveka Portman and Raunchy Regency

I'm in love with this genre. I have been for a long time, I just only re-discovered it recently.

Viveka Portman writes a very particular brand of racy, raunchy Regency Romance.

Two of her books have been finalists in the Australian Romance Readers Awards for best Erotic Romance.

Her latest release 'Observations of a Curious Governess' is book 4 in the Regency Diaries series - and gives the reader another, closer glimpse behind the doors of Lord Stanton's home. This is, according to Portman her favourite story in the entire series.
It is the diary of a young, naive, but curious young Governess, who realises that although her professional calling provides a level of independence a woman otherwise would never enjoy, she's missing something else. Something more potent and entrancing than even the independence she has longed for. So, suffice to say, she goes about trying to find a way to enjoy both.

It is a great read.

The final instalment in the Regency Diaries is 'The Journal of a Vicar's Wife', is due for release in July. Some of the attendees of the Australian Romance Reader's Convention in Canberra last month were lucky enough to be treated with a live reading of one of her more 'outrageous' sex scenes, from this upcoming title. Which went down very well, or so I've been told. ;P

So if you want to support an Aussie writer, give Viveka's Regency Diaries a go. I don't think you'll be disappointed!


  1. No....there's only ONE more Regency Diaries to look forward to?! I have really loved reading them. Why must they end?

  2. Yes, Danielle, only one more. The publishers want a full length novel from her, I am allowed to quietly say - she's working on a full length Regency novel!