Sunday, February 15, 2015

Otherworldly erotica... yes I'm going there.

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So... what have you been reading lately?

With titles like Taken by the T-rex, Mounted by a monster, or some such - there seems to be a plethora of 'out there' erotic reads available in the modern market - that seemingly sell very well.

I usually avoid them.

This time I didn't.

Recently, I dared to dip my toe into the murky waters of self-published erotic e-books.

You may indeed ask why, for I certainly have asked myself that same question...

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I have admittedly turned my nose up to reading these kinds of books for quite sometime. Whether it has been my literary snobbery, my distrust of self-published books or my distaste at the content - I can't be sure. So when I was first introduced Rosemary Button's Alien Games I was a little bit squeamish, a little bit embarrassed but ultimately pleasantly surprised.

It was actually rather good.

The premise is great and it's witty, strangely romantic and completely out-there in the way only a sci-fi erotica novel could be. Combine that with some decent editing, and a good story arc, and well, you have a strange, but very easy read.

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Was it sexy, you ask? Well, that depends on what you find sexy really... Some of it yes, other bits no.

Still, it's given me a great insight into why some people are devouring these books (some of which are as short as 3000 words). They're quick to read, titillating, and the ultimate in escapism.

Will I read more of them? Rosemary Button? Certainly. The other's... maybe, if I see one that tickles my fancy.

In truth I don't really know what it says about society, but the rise in short-length otherwordly erotica is certainly a fascinating phenomena and one I will be watching with interest from now on.

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