Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Manspiration V - Anson Mount and Hell on Wheels

manspiration; /mæn-spəreʃən/ noun (abstract);
The process of being mentally stimulated by a man (either visually or otherwise) to write something creative: eg:  "flashes of manspiration".
I'm frequently manspired, all too frequently in fact, but I don't like to complain ;P

I've just watched the first series of Hell On Wheels, and have found freshly myself manspired by the rather grittily handsome Anson Mount.

Here's a little clip from youtube to show you what I mean...

Yes, on the outset his does appear to be a drunk, murdering, self-pitying, reprobate... but there is one other resounding feature. He is gorgeous, he is ripped, and aside from the (sometimes) corny one liners he has a certain je nais se quoi that flatly floats my little writers boat.

When watching a show I spend a great deal of time watching the actors carefully in their interactions with their female colleagues. A quick glance away, a gesture repressed, the tightening of a jaw - Anson Mount does those beautifully in this series. Plus he has a rather attractive beard.

[I would have liked a bit of chest hair for realism though!]
Now as I'm totally on a roll about Hell on Wheels, I feel I should mention that there are a few other delectable men on the show... Namely Common and Eddie Spears.... a veritable banquet one could say...

Eddie Spears


I have long been fascinated with this era in American history, I used to read romances set in this era rapaciously as a late-teen. So it's little wonder that I'm loving the discovery shows such as Hell on Wheels, Deadwood and the like.

I don't think I'll be setting a book in America anytime soon, but it's all food for muse and you never know... one day...

And now, I bid you all good day :)

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