Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Romance Writers of Australia Annual Conference 2013

How much fun did I have?
A lot.

I love attending conferences, I love meeting the editors, the agents and fellow writers (it's always good to talk to other people who think like you do).

It was held in Fremantle (fantastic location for me as it's not a to long drive!) at the Esplanade Hotel.

Interestingly for those who have read my book Mimosa Black, the Esplanade Hotel is opposite the Esplanade park, the pine tree strewn nature reserve that my heroine Mimosa finds herself in one very hot but awkward position!

During the weekend I went to some great sessions, but the most fun I had was actually presenting our session 'Beating the Trends in Paranormal Romance". I had so much fun that Shona and I are planning to present together at other conferences...

For those of you who were unfortunate enough not have attended, I'll give you a super brief lo-down ( I am supposed to be editing A Warlord's Lady today!)

We introduced attendees to a number of different mythical creatures from around the world. We discussed transcontinental lore, and looked at the similarities between undead and living mythological beasts from different continents. There are many more out there than most people realise.

My personal favourites were mosquito man, hailing from Native North American myth and the Draugr, from Norse. Though lets face it, the Asiman / Obayifu from Africa with his glowing anus is pretty cool, if not amusing.

We then spent some time looking at the rise of the cryptid and subsequently cryptozoology in modern culture, and looked at the cryptid's potential for use in paranormal / urban fantasy.

Finally, we talked about the need and importance of cultural sensitivity. Some cultures still hold myths and their beasts sacred, so it pays to be cautious when using a lesser known mythological creature in your writing...

I also created a video, backed up by some heart pumping Rob Zombie, Dragula. Which got every body in the mood :)

Anyway, I really must complete my edits, if A Warlord's Lady waits for no author to blog...

Have a great remainder of the week.

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