Sunday, February 10, 2013

Where the magic happens - my writing space

Thank you for the post idea Danielle :)

I write mostly in my study, it's not a huge room. I have a big screen for the computer that I use particularly for editing. I have two desks in my study, below is my writing desk, where all the words go down. This is where the characters Jinx and Lucian were born and where currently Sabra and her Laotian Warlord are battling for their lives!

I am not a plotter, I just have a vague idea of what should happen start writing on the computer! I also very rarely hand-write notes. This only occurs if I am unable to get to a computer when the notion strikes me. The bookshelves (strange sideways ones, probably driving you insane Danielle!) are used to store mythology books, study books, art books and reference books. My other reference books are kept in my library. This view of the room is from the door.

 My study desk  is over to the right.

I sit at this desk  when I'm studying, drawing or painting. The picture above the study desk is of a waterfall at Bako National Park (Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo), a very special and beautiful place. You may have noticed a number of the magic series revolve around Sarawak or mention it in someway - that's because I love it there. Gorgeous place, it is absolutely magical.

However what I really love about my study is the view from the window. If I turn to my right, I get to look out over the street and part of my front yard. I love gardens and gardening, and the corner window offers a great little panorama of the street. I'm very lucky to have some large trees on our property and on our street. The garden isn't at its best now, it's mid summer, and everything is looking a bit crispy.  The weather is VERY hot today, 41C which is 105.8F (hence the pedestal fan). Apparently the weather is not going to cool for a few days. The only blessing is it's mostly cloudy today, so you're not getting the burning sun.

For all that I do my writing in the study, most of my ideas come when I'm cruising around doing day-to-day activities or watching television.  I often listen to my playlists on youtube while writing as well. I usually have a specific playlist for each book I write. Interestingly, despite nearly being finished, my latest WIP has only just got a playlist. I've found I've had to concentrate quite hard on this book as the characters are are rather tricksy - so I haven't indulged in much muse music until really today.

I am currently absolutely intrigued (and possibly slightly in love with) the character of Al Swearengen from the HBO series Deadwood. I find him as a character very inspiring. He's an amazing blend of brutality and compassion. I am fascinated that the writers for this show have managed to make him so horrible but likeable.  The actor Ian McShane would also have made a good addition to my the older gentleman hero post.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little look into my writing world.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Actually, those type of bookshelves don't bother me. It's when books are leaning and completely disorganized on a standard bookshelf that drives me to insanity. I should do my own writing space post sometime on my blog.

    And holy smokes, it is really hot over there, but I would so rather be there right now. I think it's about 20F right now, and I have never been a big fan of winter anyway.

    Yes, the view from the window is great. Thank you for the peek into your corner of the writing world. It was really nice.

  2. You're welcome! As for my library book shelves, you'll be pleased to know I sorted them out over the weekend, but alas, the kids books are already a disgrace.

    Although I don't like extreme heat (like now) I hate winter even more, so you have my sympathy. When it gets too hot, I just head to the beach - so I can't really complain!

    Yes you should do a post on your writing space. It's interesting looking into a writers real world..

  3. Oh, love your writing space. It's so neat and inspiring.

    I too tend to get my ideas when I'm out and about.

    And I agree about Al - was a very fascinating character. I went from being totally horrified by him to actually liking him (though not all his actions).

  4. Thanks Eleni! I thought Al was horrific when I first started watching and then I was like... hmmm, he's pretty cool...Wow, he's actually pretty funny... Oh, he's not so bad looking for an old man....then OMG do I have an 'oldman crush'?!!!