Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Magical Redemption - Goodreads Giveaway

Win a signed copy!

[With any luck they'll make a movie and it'll be worth a fortune one day]

I'm doing a Goodreads Giveaway of Magical Redemption.
Enter through Goodreads for the opportunity to win a signed copy.

“Magic, myth and mayhem collide in this quirky story of unlikely love.” Shona Husk, Author of the “The Goblin King.”

When your entire existence is a logistical nightmare for the government, you can't expect good working conditions. In a world where magical beings are considered equal, but magic is heavily taxed, existence as a genie is unfairly complicated.

"How did a woman as good as you, ever get stuck with a devil like me?"
When Jinx finds herself the genie of the coldly handsome Lucian, she knows she's in for a rough time.

Lucian is being hunted by the Magical Mafia, otherwise known as the "Family". Years ago he pledged himself to serve, but in a moment of weakness betrayed them.
Now, Lucian finds himself falling for a little Lebanese Genie, but knows a future between them is impossible. As they hid from incredible and malevolent magical beings, they search for a way to be together before fate and the Family separate them forever...

Travel from London to Kuala Lumpur and fall in love with magic and mythology in another of my epic paranormal romances.

And now I'd better get back to my WIP, I hope you have a marvellous day.


  1. I got all excited when I saw this post on Facebook and on Twitter, and then I went to Goodreads and remembered that I entered this last month. :) So I decided to spread the word instead. It's a great book and everyone should read it.