Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inspiration, mythology and modern technology.

Where I would be without the internet I do not know. Although I have a veritable library of mythology books at home, I am regularly inspired by the internet. One of my favourite past times is cruising the net looking for images of cool mythological beasts, sexy heroes and perfect heroines. Today I'm going to show you a few images of things that have inspired me - in the hope that they too, may inspire you too.

The first is an image I found whilst cruising the net looking for dragon pictures. I'm yet to write about dragons, but they were my first mythological love. I particularly like this picture because the dragon is small (like a nano-dragon from Cressida Cowell's How to Train your Dragon Series of books *love them*) and looks lifelike. I had this as my screen saver for quite some time! Dragons, like vampires are found in most mythologies from around the world. A fact I find intriguing. I always ponder if the myths of dragons were born from ancient people discovering dinosaur bones and trying to explain them.
[image courtesy:sugarpeep]

This one is of the internal structures of a Naga. How cool is it?! This image really enthused me. I love imagining how mythological creatures could be biologically functional, and clearly there are other people out there who think the same! I was sorely tempted to go and start googling the internals of dragons, harpies etc, but really do not have the time... so will file it away for another blog post!

This one is of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I've been reading a lot about the real pirates of the Americas at the moment, so they're rather something of a current muse for me. And I just like Johnny Depp.
[Image courtesy: demigods.com]

.   .  .  .à
This is a rather alternative looking Manticore. I don't fly with with the whole Manticore with wings thing. From my research I've noticed that the wings are a more recent addition to myths... I could be wrong, but still I prefer my Manticores without them. However, this particular critter looks pretty beastly, and I like the idea of this being some sort of Chimaera.

Similarly, men are fodder for my writing muse. After all,  I like to study faces and see how brows move, how light plays in the twinkle of an eye, the line of a regal nose etc. I've said it before... It's a hard job but someone's got to do it....
For the record I don't just use gorgeous men either.    .  .  .  .  . à
Some of my villains such as the Bomoh (in "Magical Redemption" ) have been inspired by something quite different. The Bomoh was inspired by a  book cover by Geoffrey Walker, called the "Bomoh's Apprentice". Which I bought whilst in Malaysia last year, and as you can see, there is very little charming or gorgeous about that image.

On that attractive note, I shall leave you and bid you all a good week, as I am off for a cup of coffee and some good ol'fashioned writing.