Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ups and Downs in the microcosm of my existance.

Definition: mi·cro·cosm

[mahy-kruh-koz-uhm]  (noun)
a little world; a world in miniature ( opposed to macrocosm).
We all live in our little microcosms, the situations, the places that we move about in throughout our regular day. Here is a little look in to my microcosm this morning...

You know some days you just wake up and know it's going to be a trying day? Today was like that for me. I have a University English Assessment due, my child's assembly item was today  so we had to be at school early, and to make matters more awkward the mums were kindly invited up to dance with their children... in front of the school, and of course I was emotionally blackmailed to do just that! Then to top the icing on the proverbial cake... my very fluffy cat appeared to have an attack of diarrhoea during the night and plastered my bathroom with her feces.

When faced with dilemma upon dilemma (as insignificant, large or shitty as they may be) how would you deal with it?
This is what I did... first things first, I washed my fluffy cat, and cut off all the soiled hair... she's going to look a little odd for a while, I'm afraid.  Then I nuked my bathroom with copious amounts of bleach and disinfectant to clean it. This unfortunately left me with absolutely no time to dress appropriately for my debut dancing performance at my child's assembly, so we rushed from the house with my hair akimbo, unfortunate pimple blatantly displayed without time for make-up -  in a rather creased looking tee-shirt and jeans.

For the record, I did do the dancing with my son, twice in fact. Even my son seemed somewhat embarrassed by my gauche, inept attempt at the dance. I'm sure the other parents were wondering if I had lost my mind. Scruffily dressed, uncoordinated and writhing in time to the music as I was in front of several hundred parents and students... It was too much to hope that no one would recognise me... It's not a particularly large school and I'm friends with a lot of the other parents. I did however hope I didn't look that bad... Alas, a comment from another mother confirmed that I had. "You were very brave going up there....a bit uncoordinated, but brave..." Thank you! I hurriedly explained that my son had insisted I dance with him and I simply couldn't refuse. Her reply was "Oh so did my daughter... but there was no way I'd go up and embarrass myself dancing like that..." Cheers.
[this isn't my cat, but Whimsy looks very similar]
I then remarked that, I wasn't exactly dancing anyway, and we had a laugh. Then I went on my way, only to return to the house which reeked like chlorinated swimming pool , my sodden cat and the looming presence of my unfinished assignment.

So here I now sit, in my study, gagging for another cup of strong brewed coffee waiting for inspiration for my assignment. It's not happening (as you see).
So I shall stroll to my kitchen, make another coffee, trying to find my sodden cat in order to brush her (something she isn't overly fond of) and perhaps after, I will attempt some assignment in the hope I will finish it early and get some much neglected writing done.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I hope your day began better than mine!

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