Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Manticores Pride - an introduction

My apologies for the lack of posts. In between assignments, study, family commitments, and writing there has been remarkably little time for blogging! However, I've started getting some words down for "Able as Cain" and have been working on "A Manticore's Pride".

[Phil the Manticore, by me]
"A Manticore's Pride" will be a short novella following Phil, the manticore, who raises his head in everyone of my "Magic Series". I'm writing this one just for fun, simply because I like Phil, and think he deserves his own happily ever after...

Here's an introduction for you;
It was a commonly held belief that Phil Manticore had no pride – which was, quite frankly, untrue. As a paying member of the Kuching Free Zone Manticore Pride he could directly refute the argument. However, in public opinion, Phil did seem to be lacking some of the more austere qualities a Manticore should possess.
A few things at this point, should be clarified. A Manticore is a mythological beast, relatively common in this dimension, with a large humanoid head, set atop a massive leonine body. They possess no magic, but are very strong and incredibly long lived. Their mouths are wide, and filled with several rows of razor sharp teeth. As the Manticore ages, the tail develops sharp spines at its tip used like a mace in fights. It is these characteristics that ensure the Manticore is universally feared. Their society, unlike that of the more humanoid species is a very close knit community. Often living in compounds, they are loud, frequently aggressive and rarely have a sense of humour.
Phil Manticore in contrast, does not live with his Pride and his sense of humour borders at the obscene end of toilet. He is one of the largest male Manticores in written history though this is not necessarily due to his height and length but mostly width. Phil has an unhealthy obsession with mamak stall fried foods and his impressive weight gain is evidence of this.  Additionally, he lacks the feline love of grooming, so although his coat, a glossy burnished gold, looks quite fine - the odour is less so.
So it is little surprise that at the somewhat generous age of 98 – Phil is noticeably single.

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