Sunday, April 29, 2012


It happens to me often and I like to call it 'man-spiration'.
Manspiration is: when I am inspired to write heroes by seeing or watching some gorgeous guy on telly or searching on the net for models... all in the name of research people!
 I love this job!

*Disclaimer: my husband is my biggest bit of manspiration. LOL.

I am always interested in seeing who inspired (if anyone) my favourite author's heroes... So today I'm telling you about my latest manspiration.
Welcome Ben Mansfield acting as Captain Becker in Primeval (which I am totally enamored with at the moment).
Captain Becker - ben-mansfield wallpaper
Rather dishy isn't he?
[Image courtesy: Fanpop]
[click image for youtube clip]
[Image courtesy: fanpop]
 Due to my latest bit of manspiration and his love of guns, I've found my self pondering how I could work guns into one of my WIPs - LOL and I think I've found it. Oh, and if you're wondering which hero Ben Mansfield would be, I think he'd make an ideal Cain, in my WIP "Able as Cain".
 Of course, when I write, I don't base my character solely on my manspiration. I use the bits and pieces I find attractive, discard things I find less attractive and make up the rest... I do take the time to study male faces for expression in movies and photos. This helps me to see where creases occur, so I can realistically relate expressions back to my written characters. You'd be surprised how differently some men grimace, how tension is expressed in either a clench of the jaw or a thunderous swoop of the eyebrows... research in the name of manspiration is very useful for this, I recommend it. :D
Gallery of of my other 'manspired' heroes.
Omeed Isari as Omar, Magical Creations
Gabriel Aubry as Bo, Mimosa Black
Jay Byers as Lucian, Magical Redemption
Burak Ozcivit as Imran, Magical Gains

Enjoy your week.


  1. Lovely eye candy!!!!! Made my Monday morning:)

    Valerie @ Intriguing Reads

  2. Physically I can totally see Jay as inspiration for Lucian. However, after having watched Jay on the latest season of Survivor (Survivor: One World), I find it a little more difficult to imagine him in the role. The voice totally doesn't match. Still though, he does have a very fine body.

  3. Yeah, Alice, I agree. But in that photo... phwah. It's all about the body in that case :D

  4. Is it bad that sometimes I'll just get on your blog to stare at Jay's photo? lol.

  5. Not at all Alice... at one stage I had him as a screen saver! I am destined to be the female version of a dirty old man.

  6. Awesome. I don't really think there is anything wrong with that really.