Monday, April 23, 2012

Magical Redemption is on its way!

1st NOVEMBER 2012
"Magical Redemption"
Would you trade your soul for love?
"How did a woman as good as you, ever get stuck with a devil like me?"
When Jinx finds herself the Genie of the coldly handsome Lucian, she knows she's in for a rough time.
Lucian is being hunted by the Magical Mafia, otherwise known as the "Family". Years ago, he pledged himself to serve but in a moment of weakness betrayed them. Now, unable to love or live freely, Lucian finds himself falling for Jinx, but knows a future between them is impossible. As they hide from incredible and malevolent magical beings, they search for a way to be together, before fate and the Family separate them for ever...
Here's the lo-down.
Word count: approx 75, 000 words
Main Characters: Lucian & Jinx
Some of the beasties you'll encounter; Chupacabras, Nagas, pelesit and yes, I know you've been waiting, Satyrs.
Eeny Weeny Teaser...
Lucian felt his body crash with hers. Somewhere, above the sudden roar of his blood he heard her swear. He inhaled, but his brain was full of her exotic scent . Her intoxicating smoke was everywhere. He knew this was bad, but it smelled so good. He closed his eyes trying to steady the screaming hunger that howled like a ghoulish wind through the deepest fibers of his being. One kiss was not enough.
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  1. This is so exciting. I can't wait until the announcement about Redemption's release day.

  2. And clearly my brain skimmed right over that wonderful date at the top of the post. Lol. Crap, well there goes a few hours from my NaNo time. Oh well. It will totally be worth it.

  3. LOL Alice. Thank you. I am very pleased. It was very difficult to get it finished, but I was determined to get it release this year! I really hope you all like it.

  4. Well now you can relax from that and focus more on other things.

  5. Relax?! I wish! Now I'm totally inspired to write another book... LOL. We will see.