Friday, December 2, 2011

Mimosa Black - sneak peek II

"Mimosa Black" coming this week! 7th December 2011

Mimosa felt her blood begin to heat up. Some  logical part of her brain told her she had no right to feel jealous about Bo. He had never once led her on, or so much as suggested they might have a relationship other than the very platonic one that already existed. Still, despite this knowledge, her jealousy rose like a leviathan from deep within her. She needed to act.
“Mim, hey, Mim,” Harry yelled, resting his hand on her thigh.
She swivelled her stool to face him and felt him run his hand down her wing. He had been flirting with her all night. “Why do you look so sullen all of a sudden?” he asked with a wink in Bo’s direction.
The Weimaraner girl raised a fake-nailed hand and tucked a lock of Bo’s hair behind his ear in a flirtatious, overly familiar gesture. Mimosa saw red. She hesitated a moment, throwing an angry, jealous glare at Bo, which he didn’t seem to catch. Without further thought, she leaned over toward Harry and kissed him thoroughly. She poured the anger she felt at the blond girl into Harry. He tasted good, like gourmet beer and spicy potato wedges, but it was his reaction to her that was most pleasing. He kissed her back with wild enthusiasm. For a moment, the bar ceased to exist, and all that Mimosa could feel, taste and hear was Harry’s passion for her.
Abruptly, the kiss was cut short.
“What the fuck?” Bo grated. “Harry? Get off her!”

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