Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mimosa Black - officially released

Mimosa Black is officially released and ready to buy!
Even though it's a novella, you can actually by as a print book to add to your enviable
Nicola E. Sheridan Collection!  

I seriously hope you enjoy Mimosa Black - I did, and will confess the scene in the park makes even me blush. 

FUN FACT about 'Mimosa Black'The hero,  Bo Elliot is actually the doctor mentioned as the Magical Being Specialist in Fremantle Hospital near the end of "Magical Gains".


  1. I am totally going to buy it as a Christmas present for myself. :)

  2. Thanks Alice. I hope you enjoy it, it was a fun write. Great to 'meet' you at the chat too. HOpe all goes well with your studies!

  3. Congrats & Happy Release Day, Nicola! :-)