Thursday, September 15, 2011

When the pants just don't fit - the unconventional hero.

 [Image title; "Jeans that just don't fit,"]
Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your hero just doesn't fit the mould. Just like sometimes, that pair of jeans just won't button, no matter how hard you squeeze.

I've written a flash fiction version of my proposed novel, "Good Girls Don't Talk to Satyrs". The flash fiction will be available as a free read today on the billboard of
mum's lounge;

To try and enrich my knowledge of Satyr's in modern literature, I read Elizabeth Amber's "Nicholas", the first "Lords of Satyr" novel. Well, uh, Ms Amber did succeed in making Nicholas the novel's hero, but his errr, assets and unique abilities don't fit with my type of Satyr, or genre. None-the-less it was an extremely enlightening and engaging read, but let it be said that I will never think of Harry Potter's position of a 'seeker' in quite the same way! Haha.

So what makes an unconventional character heroic? Is it charm? Loyalty? Cleverness? Devotion? What exactly?

My character of Priapus in "Good Girls" isn't an anti-hero by any means, but he certainly doesn't look, or come across as a cookie cut hero either. For starters, the mythological Priapus (on which he is loosely based) is a minor Greek fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia. Priapus is marked by his absurdly oversized, permanent erection which gave rise to the medical term priapism.  I would put an image of him here, but frankly, it's a wee bit obscene - actually make that outrageously largely obscene. If you're burning with curiosity, you can view it HERE. Now, I feel I must clarify, my Priapus is not that well endowed, and nor does he suffer from Priapism... Just so you know. He is however, not your conventional hero.

So if you get a chance to pop over to the mums lounge ( today and read my  flash fiction about him, I'd love your opinions on whether he's desireable, likeable and heroic and if not, why not? Because I do want to write a novel about him and would love to have some general imput!

Cheers, and have a great Friday :)

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