Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Hellcat - "Magical Creations"

[image courtesty: Flickr, Creative Commons, greenmelinda]

The beasts radiated heat, their coats more like flickering flames than fur. Twin sets of blazing
red eyes narrowed and focused. They stalked towards them on crouched legs... One of the flame-furred beasts snarled, an eerie, hollow sound that made Antigone freeze where she stood. Its teeth were the color of ebony. They flashed as its lips curled and it hunched as if about to pounce.

  ~"Magical Creations" Eternal Press - 7th October~
The count down is on...

These are my Hellcat's - you'll find them in "Magical Creations" and my WIP "Magical Redemption". If you're at all interested in the mythology behind them, feel free to check out an older blog of mine "Searching for a Hellcat".

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