Thursday, July 7, 2011

Six Line Sunday!

I know it's not sunday yet, but it will be soon so in anticipation of a busy weekend, I'm posting this now! 

For those of you who are unaware, "Magical Creations" release is nearing, October 7th! So to celebrate I'm doing a six line Sunday, with six lines from "Magical Creations" (please keep in mind this excerpt is till subject to editing and may differ slightly in the released novel).

“You’re a dick,” Antigone barked.

“So you keep saying,” Omar retorted.

“Keep your smelly little secrets, why did I bother asking?”

“Why indeed?”

Antigone stared at Omar hatefully, or what she hoped was hatefully, because what she felt inside was much the opposite. She turned her back, she didn’t want to see that handsome face, haunted, hard and full of scorn for her feelings.

"Magical Creations" is  book 2 in the "Magic Series", and is based on the sub-character Omar from "Magical Gains".... if any of my followers, and Lovely Lurkers (I know you're there! Sign up and follow me!) choose to post a comment, I'll throw in an e-copy of "Magical Gains" if you haven't already read it. :)


  1. I saw the guest post of all of your books on Donaya Haymond's blog and decided to come check out your blog. Your books look amazing and I am definitely planning on getting them, though I will wait until Magical Creations is out as a paperback before I buy both of them.

  2. Welcome Alice - I hope you enjoy them :)

    Eleni - thank you again, I'm looking forward to you post on Harpies... Give Mimosa Black a plug for me! ;P An e-copy of Magical Gains is coming your way.