Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Humans and Demons and Elves

Allow me to introduce fellow EP author... Donaya Haymond!

Donaya's novel, "Humans and Demons and Elves" is a YA fantasy - and I have to say, it has a truly awesome cover.

The Elves of North America use dimension-bending magic to conceal their woodland villages from humans, though it fails to protect them from the beautiful-but-deadly Eudemons. Edofine is less prejudiced than many, even befriending an Archaedemon, whose people are known for switching sides in the ancient conflict. But when young Edofine's clan is destroyed, he has only one person to turn to: his cousin Kryvek, who was adopted by humans who established the Official Magics-Humans Institute (OMHI). Will Edofine be able to adjust to human society? Can the OMHI help him despite facing its own crisis? Could he possibly be falling in love with Kryvek’s friend Lira, a half-Elf half-Eudemon working for the OMHI? His life has fallen to pieces, and the reconstruction is full of surprises.

Donaya Haymond, a half-Thai, half-American college student, began writing her first novel at age 13, in 2003. It took until 2008 before she managed to get a publishing deal, but by then she was well on her way, having won several accolades in high school. Her favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Bill Bryson, Rumi, and James Branch Cabell. She enjoys the sci-fi shows Doctor Who and Firefly, fences sabre with more enthusiasm than skill, and spends an inordinate amount of time lurking about TV Tropes.

Here's an excerpt;
"One more time. You turn these knobs, and water comes out. One knob has hot water and one has cold water. You adjust the amount depending on your preference."

"And then what do I do?" Edofine stood inside the shower, gingerly poking the pipes. He was still in full Elf regalia, complete with dead leaves and grass stains.

"Cover yourself with soap and stand under the water so that it washes off. Do you think you can handle that?"

"You do this every day?"


"What a waste of time and water."

"Way to be sanctimonious, kid. I am merely teaching you how to conform to local hygienic standards. When you live indoors in small apartments, washing frequently becomes very important. Some even enjoy it. I'll leave you alone now to get acquainted with it."

Kryvek was growing annoyed with having to explain these basic things to his cousin. He knew Edofine wasn't being obtuse on purpose, but helping him was like having a child to take care of. Kryvek's stomach growled again and he looked at his watch for the fourth time in ten minutes.

Panic rose in Edofine's throat, which, coupled with his hunger and disorientation, made him worried he might vomit. "You cannot leave me. What if I do something wrong and I scald myself? What if the magic governing these pipes breaks down? Anything could happen."

Kryvek was about to dismiss Edofine's fears, but he saw the hurt in Edofine's drooping shoulders and bowed head and changed his mind. "All right. I'll stand right here in the doorway and talk you through the process. First take your clothes off.” Standing in the shower, Edofine disrobed. Kryvek noted many scars and bruises underneath the grime. “You have to put the clothes outside of the shower, otherwise they’ll get wet.”

“Now turn the hot knob…”


“I meant turn it while standing sort of away from the stream of water, so it wouldn’t hit you full force. No, don’t turn it off! Turn on some of the cold!”

“I think you are trying to kill me…”

"Humans and Demons and Elves" sounds like a lot of fun is available now on the EP Website.

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  1. Good luck with your new release Donaya! I'll definitely be buying a copy!