Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strange Candy Review

Strange Candy Reviews has just reviewed "Magical Gains"

I am always a little nervous about getting reviews... after all, what if they hate it?! Thankfully, the review from "Strange Candy Reviews" is a good one!

Check it out;

I stumbled over Nicola E. Sheridan's debut Magical Gain's, and hit her up for a review copy. I was happy to see she was a fellow West Australian, too.

It was a little strange reading about parts of my own city, but man did she do it justice! The alternate universe she has created is similar yet different. Magical Gains Tax is applied to anything magical, and when Primrose becomes the unwilling owner of a genie lamp and it's sexy occupant, she is perturbed to say the least.

Primrose is a little shy and unassuming. She has some serious self confidence issue thanks to her overbearing ex. I did find her character a little weak, but I was always rooting for her. She had this naivety about her, and she somehow keeps it through the whole story even though she grows and gets a little tougher by the end. She also seemed very real. There are a few moments in the book that had me cringing, and thinking that it was something I'd do, or thats what would have happened to me.

Imran is way yummy, and tries so hard to help Primrose. In the beginning he is out for himself, but then he sees how her fiancée treated her, and realises that he can help her. I loved Imran from the get go. I definitely wouldn't mind finding him in a bottle. He always made such an effort to help bring Primrose out of her shell and help her realise what a beautiful person she was. Inside and out.
Magical Gains is a different paranormal romance, a nice change from the usual. I really enjoyed the story, and thought the idea of a tax on magical creatures and the like a great idea. It make's you think how would all us normal people react the having the extraordinary 'come out', so to speak. Magical Gains get really interesting when they end up in a Free Zone, where magic isn't policed. Primrose finds herself in a spot of bother with some Satyrs. Then we meet Imran's brother and find out about their dark past.

If you're looking for something inventive and new in the PNR genre then give Magical Gains a go. It's a fresh, funny, fantastic read with a healthy dose of sexy thrown in. I can't wait for the second book in the series, Magical Creations.



  1. Hi Nicola,
    I know Magical Gains has only recently been released but how long will we have to wait for the next book in the series ? and how many books can we look forward to in the series ?

  2. Hello Donna,
    Magical Creations (book two) is due for release on the 7th of October this year. So you don't have to wait too long. The thirdy and final in the "Magical Series" is Magical Redemption which is currently a work in progress (approx 1/3 complete).MR has no release date set, though I hope (and this is entirely up to my publisher) that it might be ready for mid next year.