Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I love talking to other writers and particularly discovering how they were inspired to create their stories.

As I've said, "Magical Gains" was inspired by a biscuit advertisement.

I tend to find inspiration in odd places. For example, I have half-finished a story that is based on a second hand furniture shop, because I used to ride past one on the bus every day to work. I like creating a story around something that seems quite innocuous, something rather inane, that you see every day but you never really know what's going on behind those doors or those faces.

I am also planning on writing a short a story, that was inspired by a greasy hand print on a bus window. I imagine that someone was racing to catch the bus, and banged on the window to get it to wait - but the bus takes off anyway.

I hope I always keep finding inspiration in places like these as I think it makes for a great read later.

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