Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Humour in Romance

(image from a toilet advertisement from http://www.reuk.co.ukA/OtherImages/use-rainwater-to-flush-toilet.jpg)

I think humour is a really important part of romance - well at least the kind of romance I write.

I am (it's embarassing to admit) a fan of toilet humour. I find things that smell bad and bodily functions funny - particularly peoples reactions to them! Embarassment (so long as it is not my own) is funny! So it's little suprise that "Magical Gains" has some humour in it. My kind of humour anyway.

I create tend to use humour in my writing to lighten up what may otherwise be an emotionally heavy moment. I don't like romance that is heavy, soggy and maudlin. I think there is far to much serious misery in the world today, and as a writer I think it's my job to find the lighter side of life and share it!

To create a humorous moment, I tend to spot something that is potentially embarassing in the scene and play on it. It may be a bad smell. Imagine it, the man of your dreams is there, being attentive, sweet and charming... and you stink like fish. Oh it's nasty! It's funny! What do you do? Do you explain yourself? Do you pretend it's not you? How a heroine/hero reacts to an embarassing situation is potentially very funny. Sometimes just the passing mention of something embarassing is enough to win a laugh too.

Humour and romance, a winning combination in my eyes!

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