Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good girls don't talk to Satyrs...

(image: British Museum, komos douris,http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Mythology/KomosDourisBME768.html)

So, I've just written a short story - something I never do - and it's about Satyr's!
In "Magical Gains" there are a few Satyrs - I love them, I find them shocking but also very amusing. For those of you who do not know, a Satyr is half man with goat like legs - and originally were the followers of Bacchus/Dionysus in Greek/Roman mythology (however some Satyrs in Greek mythology merely had pointed ears and a horses tail - see the image!). In "Magical Gains" as in mythology, the chief Satyr is Silenus, but the focus of my short story is Priapus another Satyr from "Magical Gains" (and mythology).

"Good girls don't talk to Satyrs," is set in the same world as "Magical Gains" and "Magical Creations". In this world, Magical Beings are simply considered minority beings, but sometimes the very nature of that Being is problematic to human society. Enter the Satyr - with an insatiable lust for human women. Generally disliked and mistrusted by humans, they are often blamed for sex crimes... So when Kim Quinn (desperately single and insecure) blows caution to the wind and allows Priapus the Satyr to sit beside her on the bus - things are destined to get messy!

Postscript: I now have plans to make "Good Girls Don't Talk to Satyr's into a full length novel. As I've currently got two other works in progress, it unfortunately will be a while coming. But...watch this space for updates.

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