Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Kaiju Survival Guide - Extreme Japanese Monsters

I love all mythologies, even some of the more modern ones. Enter the Kaiju!

The Kaiju are a modern beast whose origins hail from Japanese myth. Since the evolution of television they have had quite the resurgence. The most commonly known being Godzilla. With Pacific Rim movies becoming bigger and better, the prevalence of the Kaiju in modern movie culture seems to be growing.

Some time ago, I did a blog on Christopher Stoll, an artist who created a book on the anatomies of mythological creatures (which is totally awesome by the way) he is now getting a new Kickstarter project up and running to support his new book about... yes you guessed it the very awesome Kaiju.

Below are a few pics from the project. If you think you'd like to support Christopher and the creation of his Kaiju Survival Guide, then click on the link to his Kickstarter Page HERE.


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