Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Warlord Cain Dath... Giveaway & Character Interview

He's exotic, he's powerful, he's loyal and misunderstood, what's not to love about my Lao Warlord?

The reviews and mail for 'A Warlord's Lady' have been coming in thick and fast  and I'd like to thank all my readers who've spent the time reviewing and commenting on my latest release.

So at the suggestion of a friend, I've decided to post an interview with the hero of the book... and will give away one e-copy of the book to a commenter.

* * *

Interviewer: 'Good Morning.'
Dath: 'Good morning.'

Interviewer: 'First thing first, how do you pronounce your name?'
Dath: *smiles* 'Cain - as in the biblical character and Dath as in Dat. The 'th' in Lao is pronounced 't'.
Interviewer: 'I bet a lot of people get that wrong,'
Dath: *shrugs*

Interveiwer: 'What do you think of the book cover?'
Dath:*blushes*  'Err, I like the book cover.'

Interviewer: 'Is it strange seeing books written about you?'
Dath: 'I'm getting used to it, I suppose.'
Interviewer: 'You don't sound very convincing.'
Dath: 'That's a shame, I meant to be.'

Interviewer: *laughs* 'OK then, you are a Warlord from Laos, what exactly does that mean?'
Dath: 'The title Warlord has historically been used in Laos to describe individuals who fight against the central power systems. It is something people call me, rather than what I call myself.'

Interviewer: 'In your position as 'warlord' what do you do?'
Dath: 'I work to help protect the interests of magical beings with the ultimate aim of lessening unfair government restrictions and impositions on them.'
Interviewer: 'How do you protect them?'
Dath: 'Sometimes it simply requires talking to the right people, other times it requires guns and bullets,' *shrugs* 'Governments can be stubborn and deaf to common sense - particularly when it comes to things they don't understand. I'm here to make them listen any which way I can.'

Interviewer: 'Would you like to tell the readers a little about yourself, and your childhood?'
Dath: *visibly stiffens* 'I grew up in Vientiane in a tumultuous time, the Lao Civil War and its aftermaths had left the country in a difficult place, it was not an idyllic childhood.'

Interviewer: 'The question everyone is dying to hear is what is so special about Sabra Westwood?'
Dath: 'What isn't special about her? She is strong but still vulnerable, funny, down to earth and amazing with people. She's the most lovable person I've ever met. She makes me feel like I'm a man not just a misconstrued public identity. No one ever made me feel like that until I met her.
Interviewer: 'You have a beautiful love story with Sabra, what went through your head the first time you saw her?'
Dath: 'I was worried that she was in the company of a very dangerous individual. Her skin blushed rainbow, and, well, it's hard to explain, but I simply had to do something. She looked so vulnerable, I wanted to help her - I'm glad I did.'

Interviewer: 'We've all heard about the Laos Prophecy, what do think of it now that the excitement of the past few months is over?'
Dath: 'I don't know I suppose it's a part of my cultural history and that's what it should remain. If I have learned anything, it is to follow your instinct rather than words on paper.'

Interviewer: 'Where will you and Sabra settle? Laos or Australia?'
Dath: There is much work still to be done in Laos, but Sabra still likes Australia so I am happy to divide our time between both.'
Interviewer: 'Will their be children in the future?'
Dath: 'I certainly hope so.'

Interviewer: Jurgen had a lot of chemistry with both Mags and Christy, so I have to ask, who will he end up with?
Dath: *laughs* 'You'd have to ask him.'

Interviewer: 'You seem to have a great number of mythical and magical beings in residence at your compound. Do you have a favourite type?'
Dath: *raises an eyebrow* 'That would be like asking do I have a favourite race of people. The answer is no, I don't. Whether aufhocker, thriae, rakshasa or naga, every one has their good side and bad - it's not up to me to judge them. If they come to me in good faith and friendship, that's what I will give them in return.'
Interviewer: 'What about Shadow Men, does that opinion apply to them as well?'
Dath: *hesitates* 'I am yet to meet a Shadow Man who isn't out to harm someone, however, if one came to me asking for my help or protection, I would not turn my back.'
Interviewer: 'You're a better man than many.'
Dath: *shrugs* 'I try.'

Interviewer: 'Thank you Mr Cain Dath, good luck in your future endeavours - and for coming today.'
Dath: *smiles* 'It was my pleasure.'

I hope you enjoyed that little look into Laos' sexiest Warlord, if you've got other questions you just need to know the answer to, or just want to go into the running for a copy of the book leave a comment below.

A Warlord's Lady, is on sale now at all good e-book retailers.


  1. He does sound rather irresistible!

  2. He's my favourite of your heroes yet, Nicola!

  3. Hey Linda, you've won the e-copy of A Warlord's Lady, I hope you enjoy. It will be sent to the email linked to your google profile.