Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aswang, Black Dogs and Catoblepas

OK, I have been remiss in blogging, forgiveness is required.
I am buried at the moment in WIP's and critiquing for my two crit Partners, Shona Husk and Loretta Hill!

Tomorrow I'm over at the Darkside Down Under, talking about Fandom and Manspiration, but today I'm posting up a youtube clip.

It's called the Bestiary - which is an old name for a compendium of legendary / mythical beasts and this episode introduces you to some the Aswang, the Philippino mythological shapeshifting, flesh eating monster (I blogged about it some time ago), the Black Dog Mythology and the Catoblepas, a super bizarre horrible cow-like mythological beastie from Ethiopia.


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