Monday, August 13, 2012

RWAus Conference 2012

I'm going to be on the "Not your Normal Paranormal" panel at the RWA Conference in Queensland Australia in a few days time.

I'm sharing the panel with some well known authors and editors, namely Alexandra Sokoloff, Monique Patterson, Keri Arthur, Cathleen Ross, Anna Hackett, and Eleni Konstantine (moderator).

Do you want to know a secret?
 It's a little daunting!

So my question is this, what question would you like to ask me if you were at the conference? Any stellar words of advice?



  1. I'd be daunted, too. What a panel! I hope you have the best time at conference.

    If I was there to hassle (um, no, support) you, I'd ask: How do you make your fantasy real?

  2. Thank you Jenny! I'll prep an answer for that one!!!!