Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sneak Peek - Mimosa Black

Are you desperate to read about Harpies? Who isn't?!  Over the weekend I had intentions of posting a six line sunday, alas time escaped me. So today as kind compensation, I'm posting a short excerpt from "Mimosa Black" which will be out 7th December!

Here's another look at my super hot cover! (Thanks again Dawne`)

In a world where magical creatures are as rare as a spotty teen at a supermarket checkout, being one quarter Harpy shouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately for Mimosa Black, this is not the case. Combining her failed marriage, inability to fly, and unrequited crush on her childhood friend, Bo Elliot – Mimosa’s existence is less than idyllic.

Things however, are rarely as they seem. Bo has a secret and when Mimosa falters, his secret is revealed. Yet in their darkest moments, where bad magic lurks, love is never far away. Mimosa and Bo do have a chance at happiness, if they're selfless enough to find it...

Now here's the excerpt!


[be warned this excerpt is subject to change during the ongoing editing process!]

On the half an hour drive home, Bo said little. He fumed inwardly and cursed the Floccus Inviolatus for punishing Mimosa for simply being more human than Harpy. He also cursed the fact that she so blindly accepted their words of disparagement.

He took a surreptitious glance at her as they halted at the traffic lights. Mimosa’s head was low, her gaze blankly directed somewhere around her knees. Her mussed long dark hair cast shadows over her face, and Bo felt something in the region of his heart squeeze.

He closed his eyes for a brief moment, wishing fervently that things were different. His hand itched to hold hers, but it stayed resolutely on the steering wheel. He wanted to speak words of comfort, but his tongue remained silent. His lips burned to feel hers beneath them, yet he stayed still and distant, waiting sombrely for the lights to change. It was not Bo’s place to do such things and he knew it never could be.

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